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Welcome to the Nexus Era! We are a Role=Play Community for STAR WARS JEDI KNIGHT: JEDI ACADEMY. You new here?
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The Nexus Wars are over but the real fight has just begun.
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Introduction: About Us
Welcome to the Nexus Era, or the end of the Nexus Era. We are a Role-Playing Community of STAR WARS: JEDI KNIGHT: JEDI ACADEMY for the PC/Mac//Linux Operating Systems and also for Xbox. We use the PC version.

We are a passive community and full of kind (sort of) members. If you need any help. we're here. If you're having bugs or tech problems, we'll try to help, if you're looking for help on creating a character, ask Ares (no one else cares).. 

We are all lovers of role-play and most of us veterans who have been playing basically since the game''s release back in 2003.

We have a 24 hour server uptime.

We welcome all members who actually want to role-play, new and old.

Ares, Szera, and the rest of our mods
We have 2 Mod positions open if you believe you are qualified pm me why i should give you the power

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Galactic Broadvcast Network All Channels: Current Events
02/04/11, 12:06 pm by Ares
Greetings, civilians. It is I, your Emperor. Many things have happened over the past few years and i am here to explain them. Here to help me is a protocol droid created to provide any and all knowledge of the known galaxy.

L3-E7: Thank you, my lord. I am here to recap on events over the past 2 years. I will start with the Republic's first attack on our glorious new empire.

The Galactic …

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21/02/11, 08:57 am by L3-E7
Greetings, i am L3-E7. I am a protocol droid created to store all historical information and all known knowledge of the galaxy. I come to you from the Galactic Broadcast Network Building on Coruscant giving you the news of the current war effort in the perspective of the people.

As most of you know, The Galactic Alliance, also known as the Federal Republic, made their first act of war against …

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13/02/11, 11:06 am by L3-E7
We have recieved word that the Republic has declared war on the Fen' Tar Empire. The senate building was attacked immediately afterwords by a threat that is still under investigation but it is believed the sith are allied with the empire.

After a short senate meeting the supreme commander announced that the republic WILL fight and the jedi have agreed to help their efforts.

The empire has not …

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05/02/11, 11:14 pm by L3-E7
Before I begin i would like to notify all Jedi stationed in outer rim worlds to please evacuate to a secure location somewhere in the inner rim or core worlds. This is a statement i am relaying directly from the Jedi Overseer of Coruscant.

I am sorry about this but we come to you LIVE from the senate building on Coruscant, where Emperor Ares …

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Galactic Broadcast Network Channel 342: More Jedi? More Problems?
04/02/11, 08:52 pm by L3-E7
Greetings once again. I am L3-E7 Master of historical records, data organization, and data collection. Unfortunately i am still not built yet but soon enough my master will decide, after all here i am telling you all the news of current events in the Nexus Era.

All over the galaxy it seems there is an uprise in the number of jedi in the order, could this be a plot by the jedi to attain more …

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Galactic Broadcast Network Channel 342 News: Riots on Coruscant
10/01/11, 09:48 pm by L3-E7
Greetings, I am L3-E7, an all purpose communications droid specialized in data recovery, data organization, galactic linguistics, and im quite the dancer. I was created to give you all the information you need of the Nexus Ere in order to fully understand the big scheme of things in the galaxy

The people are in panic. Daily riots in front of political buildings have been reported daily. So far …

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