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 In Game Rules

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PostSubject: In Game Rules   In Game Rules Icon_minitime15/12/10, 02:55 pm

Edit By Szera:
You're all big boys and can fucking handle yourselves in our servers. I removed the obvious rules like no laming and bullshit like that, don't be a fucking retard.

  • OOC: Out Of Character. Out of character chat while in-game is to be marked by "ooc:" "//" "<ooc>" or "[]"

  • Kill Trackers: Please keep kill tracker messages on silent while an RP is going on, as well as kill tracker cmds. Music is fine but keep it to a minimum.

  • Realism: As explained in the previous rule, we like to employ realism in to the role-play. Use your common sense and ask yourself: Can i actually do that? if the answer is yes, you're doing it right. If you get your arm lopped off by a gamorrean axe and you're still fighting you're either a god or doing some hard core stims. Please remember to be realistic when you are role=playing.

  • On a side note... Don't be a fucking retard. Your character is not Jesus, your character isn't even some faggot demi god. Your character is average, even if you don't want your character to be average, they are. Deal with it, your character can't defy physics, and can't reenact the famous The Force Unleashed scene where you bring down a star destroyer. It's not going to fucking happen.
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In Game Rules
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