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 Galactic Broadcast Network Channel 342 News: Riots on Coruscant

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Galactic Broadcast Network Channel 342 News: Riots on Coruscant Empty
PostSubject: Galactic Broadcast Network Channel 342 News: Riots on Coruscant   Galactic Broadcast Network Channel 342 News: Riots on Coruscant Icon_minitime10/01/11, 09:48 pm

Greetings, I am L3-E7, an all purpose communications droid specialized in data recovery, data organization, galactic linguistics, and im quite the dancer. I was created to give you all the information you need of the Nexus Ere in order to fully understand the big scheme of things in the galaxy

The people are in panic. Daily riots in front of political buildings have been reported daily. So far there have been no casualties but many have been injured. The streets of coruscant are backed up with protesters and rioters. It seems the Republic's actions in this conflict are not agreed upon by these people.

In the midst of the protesting and rioting , i recorded a statement from a republic supporter.

Person:What do i think? I think these damn politicians need to get their heads out of their asses and do something about the empire! They can't just sit around and do nothing while the outer rim is being attacked and families are losing their homes!

I also asked a Jedi what he thought of this whole turn of events and i recorded his statement as well.

Jedi:The Republic is in trouble. Many times an empire has risen and taken a few planets here and there attempting to reestablish itself but we stopped them every time, why should this time be any different.

I found an imperial wandering the mid rim ans asked for a statement abuot the galaxy's current affairs but he refused. Well that is all for this segment of the Galactic Broadcast Network, Channel 342 News. I am L3-E7, good night, and good luck.

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Galactic Broadcast Network Channel 342 News: Riots on Coruscant
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