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PostSubject: GBN BREAKING NEWS ALL CHANNELS: Assault on Kashyyyk   21/02/11, 08:57 am

Greetings, i am L3-E7. I am a protocol droid created to store all historical information and all known knowledge of the galaxy. I come to you from the Galactic Broadcast Network Building on Coruscant giving you the news of the current war effort in the perspective of the people.

As most of you know, The Galactic Alliance, also known as the Federal Republic, made their first act of war against the Fen' Tar Empire with an attempt at taking back the mid rim planet of Kashyyyk. The assault was a failure for the republic as they were defeated and humiliated by the Empire's forces.

The republic was forced into a corner early in the battle. They never reached the Shadowlands where the Empire's main base on Kashyyyk is located. After their defeat, the Emperor gave another speech on coruscant. We have the footage.

Emperor: The Republic has shown their distaste of my methods for peace by attacking my base on Kashyyyk. Sadly many wookiees we're killed in their crossfire. Their failur only further proves my point that they are not gods.

I have made them bleed! My Empire offers galactic justice and peace. Your decision to continue following them is going to result in your downfall. That is all i have to say. You have less than a year to give up before my Empire decimates your Republic.. If surrender is furthered delayed unfortunately there will be casualties and i appologise for it.

Our coverage on the Assault of Kashyyyk is very limited, but the Republic was defeated and the Empire completely retained their hold on the wookiee planet. What the Republic plans on doing next will decide if this war becomes extermination and the galaxy's system if revamped by the Fen' Tar Empire.
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Dark Lord of The Sith
Dark Lord of The Sith

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PostSubject: Re: GBN BREAKING NEWS ALL CHANNELS: Assault on Kashyyyk   21/02/11, 09:09 am

Darth Venture: Leans back on his cell And I'm here safe and sound....Worse is yet to come...Fen' Tar



Darth Venture - Dark Lord of the Sith - Leader of the Brotherhood of Sith Bio Here

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Force Sensitive
Force Sensitive

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PostSubject: Re: GBN BREAKING NEWS ALL CHANNELS: Assault on Kashyyyk   21/02/11, 06:34 pm

*In particular, video footage of what appears to be a child defeating a Jedi seems popular on YouHolo*
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PostSubject: Re: GBN BREAKING NEWS ALL CHANNELS: Assault on Kashyyyk   

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