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 Nexus Era: Nexus Wars Timeline

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Welcome to the Nexus Era, users.

A Long time ago in a galaxy
far,far away...


Nexus Era
The Nexus Wars

150 years of peace has followed since the fall of the Fel Empire. Both the Jedi and the Republic have flourished in this time and the galaxy rebuilt itself once more. Until a new enemy surfaced in 290 a.b.y. A mysterious man rose from the core world of corellia.

It was 301 a.b.y. when everything changed and out of nowhere the Dark Lady of the Sith, Viphera, and her adept apprentice, Darth Venture, arrived in the Yavin system and landed on Yavin IV.

Upon their arrival to this jungle planet, the two sith concealed their presence and headed toward the North Academy. Darth Venture disguised himself as a Jedi Padawan and infiltrated the academy. Venture, with his special dark side corruption, turned many jedi which he then used as pawns in the upcoming struggle.

Ships began flooding Yavin IV's aerospace. The turned jedi along with Darth Venture began to take the North Academy undersiege. Many jedi were killed in this first assault. Darth Venture killed the Jedi Council member protecting the academy.

The Imperial ships were compromised of modified Star Destroyers all huddled around a Super Star Destroyer. They began their attack and destroyed the North and West Academies. Many more jedi were killed while others managed to survive and fight back.

The Jedi realized they were under attack and fought back with cannons that were hidden underground. They managed to take out a star destroyer when the Imperials decided to take on a ground assault. The Jedi were quickly overwhelmed by an army of Reborn wearing strange armor.

Meanwhile, Viphera made contact with the Jedi Grand Master of the 4 academies, a member of the Jedi Overseers. A group of the 5 most powerful jedi masters in the galaxy. Viphera and the Jedi Grand Master engaged in aggressive negotiations.

The Dark Lady of the Sith began to drain the life out of the Jedi Oversseer. With what was left of his life, the Jedi Grand Master absorbed what he could of Viphera's attack and parried it back at her. Both warriors died in the end.

Darth Venture learned of his mistress fate and his anger overcame him. The Jedi felt the wound in the force from their overseer's death as well. Darth Venture gathered many of his pawns and retreated, the remaining jedi did the same, and with that the battle had ended and the mysterious new empire grasped Yavin IV in the palm of their hands.

The remaining turned jedi stayed behind to aid the remnant, the rest of them went with Darth Venture to Korriban. Venture decided to resurrect the academy of old near the valley of the dark lords and teach his new students the ways of the sith. The Jedi spread all over the galaxy, while some went to Coruscant to inform the Republic of the situation.

Once the Republic got word of the empire's military take over of Yavin IV, they had already begun another assault. The dark jedi whom remained with the remnant told their superiors about the hidden jedi enclave on Kashyyyk. Thus began the ruthless siege of the wookiee planet.

The siege of Kashyyyk lasted an entire week. The new empire quickly gained the upper hand in battle yet the Republic and the Jedi stationed there steadily held their own, but it was all for naught, even with the help of the wookiees. The Imperials with the help of the fallen jedi managed to enslave most of the jedi and take over all of the Republic's bases. Weeks of torture caused most of the enslaved jedi to turn or die.

During the siege on Kashyyyk, the jedi were wounded even more when another jedi overseer was killed. Their numbers were cut in half and the Imperial's resources seemed infinite. For the next few years, the Empire continued to take control of the outer rim, gaining seemingly infinite military power.

3 years have passed and Imperial propaganda has spread all the way to corellia and the empire controls more the half of the outer rim leaving only a few free planets. The republic is in turmoil, even with the jedi helping keep peace, hope seems to keep dwindling as more and more citizens believe the empire will bring a new era of justice to the galaxy.

Now it's your turn. Create a character and join this scarred galaxy as its savior...or its destroyer.

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Nexus Era: Nexus Wars Timeline
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