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 In-Game Chat Text Colors

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PostSubject: In-Game Chat Text Colors   In-Game Chat Text Colors Icon_minitime11/01/11, 07:07 am

in-game your default color for chatting is green. Green is default speaking for characters. Red is another text option, in order to make your text red before typing anything input ^1<your text here should be red>. Red is normally used to portray anger, frustration, or evil intentions.

Yellow is a very important text color and is activated by inputting ^3 into the chat window before typing anything. Yellow is used to portray actions that can not be performed in-game such as unique force powers or NPC dialogue. You will probably use yellow more than any other color and in my oppinion it can help you develop writing skillz if you're into that.

Purple is yet another text color available to you. In order to activate, before text, input ^6. Purple is used to portray dialogue spoken in a communicator or dialogue in a language other than galactic basic.

Cyan is used to speak in the force, only two jedi whom share a strong bond can speak to each other through force communication. Ex: Kyle Katarn when Jaden makes the decision to kill Rosh or let him live. ^5 is the input before text.

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In-Game Chat Text Colors
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