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 Frost Calign

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PostSubject: Frost Calign   Frost Calign Icon_minitime28/03/11, 06:42 pm

Name:Frost Calign



Homeworld: Coruscant.

Height & Weight
4'11 115

Human, Arkadian.

Whatever his future master may use.


Vibroblade. A pendant around his neck the only gift from his parents.

Force Aptitude: Very high.

Faction & Rank: jedi order: Initiate

History: Frost was born on Coruscant with his mother and father who were both Military and low rank at that. Frost was taken to the temple like many young and was tested for the Force and passed his levels reading High so it was Frost left his parents and joined the Temple. Frost soon became friends with a few of the other students he wasn't extremely popular but he had friends and was accepted amongst his own groups.

Frost was trained in the ways of the order with the other students and excelled in Force control and battle but he had a few anger issues that were prone to his race but with patience his teachers soon worked that out of him but even with there help he was still a hot head. Frost was provoked into many fights with other students and spent a lot of time in punishment duties as the masters tried to teach them what was right and wrong.

Frost soon learned how to turn the other cheek but his teachers still saw the desires in him and were worried but like all young men he matured and was able to keep his temper down and control it and the worries left them. Frost was a star pupil in both training and force usage however he lacked in Diplomacy and most people skills.

The years passed by quickly for Frost he fell in love with a girl but problems split them up and they stayed friends. His best friend was Jake who was two years ahead of him left the temple with a master and Frost was alone. Those two years however he threw himself into his studies working hard for he was a bright one and studied until he was exhausted. He grew in skill not because of great things ahead of him but from a good mind, lots of study, and hours upon hours of Practice.

Frost turned 10 and was now able to be given to someone who was ready to train him as a Padawan he just has to wait and see who takes him.

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Frost Calign
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