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 Xando Volrock

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PostSubject: Xando Volrock   Xando Volrock Icon_minitime19/01/11, 10:17 pm

Name: Xando Volrock
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 80 kg

Force Sensitivity: Yes, 12,000 Midichlorian count

    Force Powers
  • Default Force sensitive
    Gunnery Skills
  • Learned to make better use of light weapons since being stuck on tatooine. He carryies a pistol wherever he goes.

Xando Volrock Xandov10
Faction: None/Exiled Jedi
Droid: N/A
Transport: Ship Broken, Landspeeder

Xando was born on Coruscant and into the Jedi Order by request of his parents. His parents lived in the slums and were poor. They wanted their child to lead more enriched life. And so Xando joined the jedi order.

At age 9, Xando was assigned a master to teach him. A Jedi Knight named Zard Kal' El. Zard was a pretty leniant teacher but Xando had bad luck and always ended up causing a mess of things. Simple missions turned from retrieving classified data to sneaking into a heavily guarded base without getting killed.

Xando was a good learner as well. His sensitivty to the force was well above average compared to the common jedi. At age 11 Xando and Zard were given an important mission that required them to travel to Korriban and infiltrate the ruins of an old abandoned sith academy. Their mission was to retrieve an ancient holocron and bring it to the jedi overseer back on coruscant.

The mission went from easy to impossible in minutes. Upon their arrival, a sith was already waiting for them. They were attacked and forced to hide. While running away Xando noticed the shadow of a woman walking out of the ruins with a strange object in her right hand. Zard had Xando by the hand running at inhuman speeds toward the Valley of the Dark Lords.

Unfortunately their escape was short lived. The Sith who saw them followed and drew his lightsaber, it was a vibrant orange color, and struck at them. Zard defended and pushed the sith back. It didnt do much good, he had impressive foot work and immediately retaliated with great speed. Xando watched as this person and his teacher exhanged blows back and forth.

The men spoke with their blades. The sith's told of great love and anger while his teacher's blade said nothing as he defended each strike. Suddenly, behind Xando, a woman wearing black robes and piercing green eyes appeared in front of him and rose the padawan in the air using the force to strangle him. The sith woman spoke. It was the first words exchanged since this whole thing began, "Let us go, or the boy dies." Zard and the sith were locked. Zard jumped in the air and sped downward toward his student. He then force pushed the sith woman back. She landed next to the other sith. Xando felt love emanating from the other sith's aura.

The battle had ended, and the mission was a failure. 3 years later Zard left Xando as his teacher and was stationed on Yavin IV, where he died during the imperial and sith assault. Xando's new teacher was a Jedi Master. He taught Xando many things including confidence and patience. A couple years later Xando was promoted to knight.

After year into his knighthood,, the imperial remnant and the sith attacked Yavin IV, when Xando learned his former teacher was killed in the battle he immediately recruited himself into the republic army and followed them to war. The Jedi Council frowned upon his actions and he was exiled from the order and stripped of his connection to the force after returning.

His venture into war was filled with hatred. Upon his arrival to Yavin IV, his squad was immediately ambushed by a small army of stranger sith wearing blaster resistant armor. At the end of the battle, Xando was captured and held prisoner by these "clones." The young jedi knight was tortured and interrogated to the point of madness. His light was fading in the dark room they kept him in.

Soon enough he was rescued by his master but said nothing to him the entire time. They left Yavin IV and returned to coruscant where Xando was exiled and stripped of the force for going to war without consent from the order and falling to darkness after weeks of torture.

Xando is now 21 years old. After his exile he took a ship and went as far as he could go to escape his past. He ran out of fuel over Tatooine and has lived there ever since, working as a mercenary for hire to anyone who pays. He hopes that one day, the war will end and he can return to a peaceful life.
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Xando Volrock
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