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 Jacen Kavar

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Jacen Kavar
Jedi Overseer
Jedi Overseer
Jacen Kavar

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PostSubject: Jacen Kavar   Jacen Kavar Icon_minitime20/01/11, 06:37 pm

Name: Jacen Kavar
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Height: 6ft
Weight: 9st
Force sensitivity: 13,270

Force Powers
Force Jump - 4
Force Push - 4
Force Pull - 4
Force Speed - 3
Force Sense - 4

Light Side powers:
Absorb - 3
Mind Trick - 3
Protect - 4
Heal - 4

Dark Side:
Drain - 2
Lightning/Storm - 2
Dark Rage - 0
Grip/hold - 2

Saber Stats:

Saber Offense - 3, Saber Defense - 4, Saber Throw - 3

Appearance: Strong build, Blue eyes, brownish-black hair

Faction:Jedi Order, Jedi Overseer

Droid: D-2P0, Protocol droid, Unknown. | R6-D2, Astromech Droid, Naboo.

Transport: Heart of Spinnaker(ship), Unknown class

Other Abilities: Jacen Kavar displays great cunning and wisdom, along with an inert sense of understanding of the Living Force, he also displays great understanding of mechanics and construction & design and can make himself seem invisible within the force and has advanced senses.


Jacen Kavar is a well respected Jedi Master, who servers on the High Council as an Overseer, he has little experience with being a Master when it comes to teaching students but he does not let that stop him or get in his way.

Born on Naboo in the City of Spinnaker, the Naboo's chief supply center, he was trained as a Jedi from a young age, surpassing himself in all his training. - To be continued.

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The Ghost of Billy Mays
The Ghost of Billy Mays

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PostSubject: Re: Jacen Kavar   Jacen Kavar Icon_minitime22/01/11, 09:46 am



Jacen Kavar Billym12

"If my velocity starts to make you sweat, then just don't let go!" - Planetary(GO!), MCR

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Jacen Kavar
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