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 Character Sheet Template *UPDATED*

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Character Sheet Template *UPDATED* Empty
PostSubject: Character Sheet Template *UPDATED*   Character Sheet Template *UPDATED* Icon_minitime05/12/10, 11:52 am

First and Last name is recommended.

Remember to be realistic of your characters age, no teenage jedi masters.

Human, Kel' Dor, Twi' Lek, Rodian, Selkath, Bith, Ithorian, Gamorrean, Etc...

Corellia, Coruscant, Tatooine, Bespin, Manaan, Kashyyyk etc...Be sure to remember the location of the planet, be it outer rim, mid rim, inner rim, or core world, for the outer rim is under imperial control along with Kashyyyk.

Height & Weight
Optional unless you believe it's important.

No more than 3 languages especially if the character is non-human, IE: Wookiees have the inability to speak basic which is why most jedi are taught to understand wookiee.(Optional)

Include an image if you can, otherwise just explain what the transport is and what it can do.(Optional)

Many people around the galaxy have droids they have purchased or in special cases built in order to ease their own work load or provide some kind of service like making drinks and providing informaton on planets and people.(Optional)

What is your character holding on his/her person? Bacta canisters, a vibroblade maybe, some lint and string?(Optional, but please clarify any weapons in the story.)

Force Aptitude:
The character's power in the force. Please explain any specific powers that need to be texted out during rp and include the characters force rank so Szera and I know how many points your character starts out with. All custom force powers will be given their own point value so that you may rank it up but it starts at 1 no matter what.(Optional only if character is a mercenary type)

Faction & Rank
Federal Republic, Fen' Tar Empire, Jedi Order, Brotherhood of Sith. Please look at rank post of faction your character belongs to.(Optional, character can be unallied)

A character history is very important. PLEASE READ THE TIME LINE and use your natural ability of inference to decide your character's origins. Remember, this is not an era known in the star wars universe, it is completely non-canon because it takes place in the future. Be ceative, don't be a generic boring jedi who thinks they are important but they aren't really. Consider how the current events have affecting the lives of the people around your character. That's all i can say. Be creative and don't be stupid.

Once Character Profile is approved by a 3/4 admin majority it will be locked.
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The Ghost of Billy Mays
The Ghost of Billy Mays

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Character Sheet Template *UPDATED* Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Sheet Template *UPDATED*   Character Sheet Template *UPDATED* Icon_minitime05/02/11, 10:59 am


Edited slightly, in red of course.

Character Sheet Template *UPDATED* Billym12

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Character Sheet Template *UPDATED*
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