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 Ares Fen' Tar

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The Ghost of Billy Mays
The Ghost of Billy Mays

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PostSubject: Ares Fen' Tar   Ares Fen' Tar Icon_minitime23/01/11, 09:43 am

Name: Ares Fen' Tar
Age: Unknown
Sex: Male
Species: Humanoid
Height: 190 cm
Weight: 0.54 kg

Force Sensitivity: Yes, Undetermined midichlorian count

    Force Powers
  • Dark Lord of the Sith Level
  • Dominate Mind: he is able to completely manipulate the minds of those tainted with darkness or weakness

Ares Fen' Tar 7823_135577928007_707803007_2661147_1914631_n

Faction: Imperial Remnant, Emperor

Transport: Lambda Shuttle for diplomatic missions and a Star Destroyer Neos for military assaults. The Star Destroyer Neos is the newest model of Star Dstroyers created by the new imperial remnant and revealed at the assault on Yavin IV. The Neos class star destroyer has 3 turrets station on both sides of the ship. It also has an increased fire power than that of a regular star destroyer model, but it's blast shields are weaker than that of a regular star destroyer. The Neos model has weapon technology similar to the deathstar but can not destroy a planet but can cause massive surface damage.

Before 18 years ago Ares Fen' Tar was non existant. According to his birth records he was born and raised on Corellia with his father who mysteriously died 15 years ago and mother who died around the same time. He immediately disappeared after their deaths. When he returned he had changed. He had begun recrutiing mercenaries to join his new empire.

Another change was that when he resurfaced he had an army of reborn made from an unknown force user. He created 4 classes of reborn. Initiates, Adepts, Shadowknights, and Neos. The Reborn Neos were the most powerful of all and could hold their own against even a jedi master. They wore armor that was resistant to blaster ammo.

Ares Fen' Tar quickly rose to power and created a new empire of soldiers and reborn clones. He ordered his top soldiers to anonymously ask the dark lord of the sith to help in an invasion of Yavin IV. Ares was anal about not being least until the time was right. His orders were followed and so he began his assault on Yavin IV. He knew the dark lord would agree to the proposition. After Yavin IV he took out Kashyyyk after receiving information about it hiding a jedi enclave.

For the past 3 years Ares has been slowly taking political control over outer rim worlds in order to increase his empire. Recently he revealed himself to the public in a galactic holonet message revealing his intentions of destroying the republic and the jedi.

Ares Fen' Tar Billym12

"If my velocity starts to make you sweat, then just don't let go!" - Planetary(GO!), MCR

Xando Volrock:Force Sensitive/Merc
Ares Fen' Tar:Emperor
Larza Vedor:Sith Knight
Captain Commander Rayio Keggar

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Ares Fen' Tar
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