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 Darth Venture

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Dark Lord of The Sith
Dark Lord of The Sith

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PostSubject: Darth Venture   Darth Venture Icon_minitime23/01/11, 09:59 pm

Name: Darth Venture (Jarrel Kolzar before being a Sith)
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Height: 6.9”
Weight: 259 Lbs
Force sensitivity: Yes, midichlorian count: 14,270 per cell.

Force Powers: Sith Lord level, Dark Side Corruption: Venture's presence causes impure thoughts and uncontrollable emotions to nearby those who are not strong in the force and slowly takes over their thoughts.


Darth Venture 81745_11

Faction: Leader of the Brotherhood of the Sith.


Darth Venture Images10

Name: NR-87

Model: HK Series (Custome Built)


Darth Venture 708px-10

Name: The Silver Phantom

Model: J-type diplomatic barge

History: Jarrel was born on Corellia. He lived in a nice rural village surrounded with lush farmland and hills. His mom was a native, born and raised, before she left to the jedi temple on coruscant. Being born in a core world, Jarrel's mother was tested and found to be force sensitive. Jarrel lived peacefully with his parents and close friends who lived in the area. They would play jedi in the hills using broken tree branches for lightsabers.

Jarrel's mother left the jedi order to be with his father, who was a farmer, a discharged republic solder, and her childhood friend. He lived a normal childhood loving his parents and friends. At the age of 7 though, a letter came in the mail. It was from the Jedi Overseer on Coruscant requesting that the boy's midichlorian count to be tested. Being the son of a jedi knight, odds are he was, but his mother hid the letter from him until he found it while searching for a letter from his school. Jarrel tended to skip class and lay in the grassy hilltops outside a little away from his home.

The boy was enthusiastic about it and opened the letter immediately. He showed his mother and she told him everything. About how she left the jedi order to settle down with his father, she wanted her son to have the peaceful life she couldn’t. Jarrel didn't fully understand what his mother was explaining to him but he told her he wanted to take the test and no matter the results he would stay with her. The next day, a jedi arrived at their home and took a sample of the child's blood. It was positive and he kept his promise, but his mother told him he should go and experience life. He still refused and told her he wanted to be like his father and join the Republic. She smiled and peaceful times followed.

A few years later, at 11 years of age, Jarrel was playing jedi in the hills with a couple of his friends when suddenly out of nowhere a ship came into view above them. It was a medium sized cargo ship with a tail of smoke as it dogged fell like a meteor towards the surface. His friends looked up and saw the large hunk of bolts falling like a meteor and ran away. Jarrel stayed and watched as it cratered into the ocean near the sandy beach. He ran toward it as it exploded.

The young man stood where the ocean met the sand with the tide burying his feet. There was smoke everywhere, some nearby adults came to watch, his mother ran up to him and held his hand as they all watched in awe at the site. In the distance a shadowy figure was floating towards the shore wearing black robes that covered its body. The figure washed up on shore, Jarrel's mother ran up to it and flipped the body over. It was a young woman. She began using the force to heal this woman's wounds, not thinking, when a group of republic soldiers cleared the crowd of adults and aimed their guns, "Back away from the body, miss." Jarrel's mom looked up and with anger in her eyes shouted back, "Can't you see she's hurt!" She ignored them and continued to heal the young woman. She let out a cough and mouthed a word of thanks to the jedi woman. Jarrel's mother smiled and continued to heal the mystery girl.

The soldiers fired a warning shot into the sand; it blew in Jarrel's face. They shouted once more, "I said back away, miss. We will not hesitate to shoot. This is an official investigation." Jarrel couldn’t sit by and watch as his mom broke the law. He dashed up to her and tried pulling her away, "Mom! Stop! Please!" She wouldn’t. The mysterious woman began to clench her fist as she opened her eyes. Suddenly a wave of sand threw the republic soldiers into the air. They got up and began to fire. Jarrel tried grabbing his mother but she wouldn’t budge. He ran away from the fire and watch as they gunned her down. The mystery woman was unharmed. She got up and drew a lightsabers from underneath her robes, it was a crimson red. The black hood that covered most of her head flew back. Her face was pale, her eyes a brilliant green. Jarrel saw her and stared in awe. He was astonished by her beauty.

For a moment, the woman stared at Jarrel, and then slashed through the republic soldiers like nothing. Jarrel's mother was dead, he should be sad but this woman's presence was something else, it was so powerful that he had completely forgotten that his mother's body was lying in the sand covered in blaster burns. He took a step forward toward the bodies of the now dead soldiers, Viphera was standing there, staring at her empty hand and clenching her fist, before muttering two words, "He's dead." and followed by tears and screaming, "I will kill them all!" She looks down at the boy taking small steps toward her. With a stern look, almost as if she was actually confused, she replies, "Boy, why are you still here?" Jarrel was speechless.

The woman put away the crimson lightsaber and raises her hood back up. Jarrel ran off toward his house with one thing on his mind as the woman's influence wore off, "i want to be a jedi." He arrived at his house and finally broke down. His mother was dead; she died protecting a life she knew nothing about. Jarrel felt he already knew her after watching her kill those soldiers. She had a loving heart like his mother, and that was all he needed. When he got home his father wasn't around, probably out tending the farm or when to town to pick up some food for dinner. Jarrel went up to his mother's room and opened her closet. He saw a rectangular square box. He grabbed it swiftly and opened it up. It was his mother’s lightsaber. He grabbed it and put it in his pockets.

After leaving a note for his father explaining what had happened, he left searching for the mysterious woman whose gaze wiped out all his thoughts. He arrived in town and asked around but got nowhere. If this woman was a jedi, he could probably find her on coruscant, were his thoughts. And so he went to a docking station and got a ride to coruscant from a spice trader. The trader didn’t ask questions when he saw the lightsaber hilt sticking out of the boy's pants, it was best not to. The trip to coruscant was rather short. They arrived and Jarrel thanked the pilot.

He ran to the jedi temple, It was a huge building surrounded by statues of old jedi masters like Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and Kylee Katarn. He walked up to a large door and knocked. No one answered. He knocked again. No one answered. Suddenly, before his third knock the doors opened up and on the inside was a Jedi wearing traditional brown robes. He greeted the young boy and thus his jedi training began. His training reminded him of his childhood playing jedi with his friends. They were just messing around and didn't know if they were doing anything right, but now Jarrel was surrounded by real jedi who knew what they were doing and knew how to wield the force.

Before he knew it 5 years had passed in his jedi training. At long last he was given a solo mission: he was to help with the final constructions of a hidden jedi enclave in the shadow lands of Kashyyyk. Upon arriving on the Wookiee planet, Jarrel was meted by a presence, full of anger yet focused. The young jedi had a gift where he was able to sense the emotions of a presence in the force; the power had manifested itself after he met the mysterious woman those 5 years ago. It was familiar yet very distant. He didn’t let it bother him... the jedi was welcomed by a wookiee ambassador, Jarrel couldnt understand a bark the beast made, but the wookiee was happy and content, he knew that much.

The Wookiee escorted him to a lift, and there she was. A mysterious robed figure was staring at him with brilliant green eyes; he knew right away this was the woman. This was the survivor of that crash 5 years ago. She stared at him, he stared at her. The Wookiee stared at both of them impatiently waiting for Jarrel to get in the lift. He walked onto and the Wookie pulls a lever lowering them both into darkness. Jarrel stood quietly next to her. Her presence was suffocating his senses. Breaking the silence, she spoke, "I don't remember you being a jedi, boy." He looks up at her; he has grown a lot since that day. Jarrel replies, "Who...are you?" She shrugs, "its better if you don't know." Jarrel's face becomes stern, almost like his mother's was, "You're sith, aren't you?" Calmly the robed woman turns her head and looks down at the growing young man, "Wouldn't you like to know." The rest of the lift ride was silence, the robed woman leapt out before they reached the ground.

Jarrel helped finish the construction of the enclave in the shadow lands after journey across the dark forest being attacked by a few terentateks. His visit to Kashyyyk was rather boring even when he was above the tree canopy surrounded by beautiful lush foliage that reminded him of home. The only thing on his mind was the mysterious woman he met for a second time. Who was she? Where was she from? If she was Sith, why didn’t she kill me? These questions consumed his mind for the entire mission.

Jarrel returned to the coruscant academy. He managed to get his emotions under control by doing some meditation during the flight back. He never told his teacher anything about this woman and kept it in the deepest corners of his mind that all times. It was a difficult task for an adolescent such as him. Unforunatetely today was meditation with his teacher, the same Jedi Knight who greeted him 5 years ago. The jedi knight penetrated his pupils mind and her face cast a shadow. The teacher asked his student, "What that your mother, Palawan?" He lied, "y-yes." he cringed and threw the image into the back of his mind once more. Why couldn't he forget about this beautiful mysterious woman?

2 years went by and Jarrel became a Jedi Knight and now was being trained by a Master, rather than a teacher. He was a distant apprentice though, keeping his thoughts his own and preventing his master from getting to know the real him. The master knew everything though. He knew about how his mother died, how he met a mysterious woman and fell in love with her, and why Jarrel would keep that from him. The only thing that kept the boy from saying anything was the suspicion that she was possibly sith. HIs master never confronted him about the woman directly but he did something no other jedi would do unless they truly understood the situation.

Jarrel was practicing in the saber training room, dueling holograms, when his master walked in with an empty look about him. His hood was up and his arms folded, his mouth the only visible facial feature. The words that came out of his mouth were ones he believed in but the jedi did not, "Go. Find this mysterious woman and learn for yourself. It is time to either accept the truth, or blindly follow a lie." Jarrel was shocked. He turned off the simulations and stared at his master in awe, he tried to speak but could only say one thing, "ok." And so Jarrel left the jedi temple. Almost immediately he sensed her presence.

He looked around and saw her, she was walking the streets engulfed completely in flowing black robes. Jarrel ran as fast he could after her. She turned a corner into an alley and vanished. He looked around and saw nothing but rising smog from the underground sewage. Suddenly a bright red light caught the corner of his eyes. He ignited his orange lightsaber as the mysterious woman descended from above, swinging her crimson lightsaber down at him. For a brief moment he gazed at her beauty before getting out of the way of her strike radius.

Before touching the ground, she put her lightsaber away at a lightning fast speed. She spoke, "3 meetings in one lifetime." Jarrel realized she had gotten older like he has. He was 18 now, almost 19. They first met when he was 11. Adolescence truly changed his physical appearance. He hesitated from her words, until he finally replied while brushing the back of his hair with a semi smile, “Weird, huh?" She looked at him puzzled. What was she thinking? Her puzzled look quickly turned to anger as she raised her hand and clenched her fist, choking Jarrel, "Have you been stalking me, boy!?" He grabbed his throat as he started to choke on his own saliva and cough it up. His eyes were getting heavy as he struggled. With his last breaths before passing out, he screamed, "I love you!" She was shocked. She lowered her hand as Jarrel passed out on the ground.

This woman, he loved her. He loved her as much as his own mother. He had passed out from this woman’s power, yet he still loved her. Jarrel had a dream. He was back on Corellia with his mother and father, this mysterious woman was there too but she wasn’t covered in black robes. Instead she was wearing a long grey silk one piece dress. She was smiling and looked the same as she did when they first met. Her beauty had caused Jarrel to go blind. Then he woke up. He breathed heavily for a moment and felt his heart, it was beating fast. Where was he? Is he with the woman? He sat up and looked around. He heard a female whisper from the darkness, "I'm sorry." He was in a dark room, sounds echoed off of the steel walls. He was in a garage.

Silence filled the room for a few minutes, Jarrel hesitating on what to say and where to say it. He couldn't see anything in this darkness. He finally spoke through the darkness, "Where am I?" In the shadows a red light engulfed a section of the garage, it was the woman. Her lightsaber's crimson light caught Jarrel's eye. "You're in a hanger. My ship is right next to you." Using the light of the blade, Jarrel noticed the black mass of the ship. It was a simple cargo ship, like the one that crashed those many years ago. At the center of the red light, there she was, her face lit up in the darkness. In this hanger Jarrel finally saw her long black hair. It was well kept.

Jarrel fell backwards back onto the ground; he hurt his head but just ignored it. He wondered why she didn't kill him. After using the force to strangle him, he knew she wasn't a jedi. She had too much anger emanating from her soul. He realizes he's probably a hostage, being kept alive as a negotiating tool. Her crystalline voice pierced the darkness, "I see you became a jedi since our first...encounter." Jarrel knew she was sith, but he didn't care. He still loved her. "Yeah.....and you're a sith aren't you." She smiled in the shadows, "Yeah." Jarrel knew the history of the rule of two and she probably wasn't alone. "Where's your master?" She began to emanate with more anger, "Dead." Jarrel let it go; anger was natural response to the death of a mentor. He knew about the emotions that lead to the dark side and how they encompassed your being when you, what the jedi called, turned.

Jarrel continued to lay down in the darkness. The mysterious sith woman watched him from the light of her blade. At last the darkness won and she put her lightsaber away. In the pitch blackness she called out to the boy, "So do you want to come with me?" He called back, "But i don't even know your name!" "I am Viphera. And you?" "Jarrel." And so Vhipera took Jarrel on her ship and the darkness had ended as the hanger door opened and they took off into the stars. They headed away from the outer rim. When Jarrel asked where they were going she said, "To begin your training."

In all honesty the flight was awkward, Jarrel had confessed his love to this woman only hours ago yet she didn't say anything about it. He looked down at his lightsaber hilt and remembered their first meeting... the day his mother had died. He didn't know who to blame for it, but he believed his mother did the right thing in healing Viphera. It was like she knew the importance she would play in her son's life. They finally left the mid rim when Viphera finally spoke, "Jarrel. From now on you are to address me as Lady Viphera. I will be your master and teach you what my lord taught me." Jarrel couldn't believe it. He was going to become sith. He didn't know what to think about it but if it meant being with Viphera he would do anything.

Hours went by until they finally arrived at their destination. Korriban. Their mission was to retrieve the holocron of her late master so that they could begin Jarrel's sith training. Unfortunately a couple jedi arrived to the party. Jarrel took care of the older one but he was powerful, the two were evenly matched. Viphera had exited the ruins with the holocron and noticed the struggle. She immediately went for the youngling. "Let us go, or the boy dies." Jarrel watched this as he locked sabers with the jedi. He put all his force into the slash. The jedi jumped into the air and sped downward toward the youngling. Viphera was pushed out of the way next to her new apprentice. This was the closest they had been to each other since Kashyyyk.

After the two jedi left, Viphera took Jarrel into the ruins. They went to a large empty room that was untouched by age. And so Jarrel began his sith training. Jarrel was given the sith title, Darth Venture. 8 years of wandering the galaxy learning new things, even about his special ability. Ever since he was little he could see emotions but after embracing the dark side of the force it turned into something much more. He was now able to corrupt light with his presence. It would cause jedi to think impurely and lose their nerve and it would cause criminals to hate even more.

Viphera and Jarrel were wandering the streets of Taris when they were approached by men in uniform. They wore strange clothing that was almost military in appearance. They told the two sith about how they had been watching them as they wandered around performing odd jobs and asked to speak with them in private. There were two of them. They told Viphera about invasion plans for Yavin IV. Viphera quickly agreed to it. When Viphera was a Jedi she was stationed there and fell in love with her master, a jedi Overseer, but he rejected her feelings and it was her first step down the dark road.

Viphera and Jarrel left for Yavin IV a week later... Jarrel's role was to use his ability to turn as many jedi as he could with his ability while she went to confront the Jedi Overseer. He was to then wait for ships to shroud the aerospace above the temple. After the jedi began their retaliation he was to lead the army of turned jedi along with a small army of neo reborns. The battle lasted almost a day. This battle would forever be etched into Jarrel's heart as the day his world stopped moving.

Several hours into the conflict, Jarrel left the battlefield and sought out his mistress. He arrived at the Overseer's chambers when he saw it. The Jedi was absorbing her attack and forced it back at her. She was killed and Jarrel took out all his rage on the jedi who killed her. He took his mistress' lightsaber. The battle was over. Jarrel had killed the weakened Overseer at the cost of his face. During the battle the jedi overseer got risky and threw a thermal detonator at him. It exploded midair, far enough away not to kill him... His face was scarred. He returned to the battlefield only to see that it had already finished. He gathered as many of the jedi he turned as he could and took a star destroyer neos to Korriban.

When he got to Korriban, he searched through the tombs and found a set of swords. Jarrel had no use for swords and so he used his force lightning to melt the steal and fashioned it into a helmet and battle armor over his robes. The dark jedi were awaiting him outside the tomb. He welcomed them to the beginning of a new genesis of the sith order and that the rule of two is no more. Jarrel reestablished a Brotherhood of Sith to exact revenge on both the empire and the jedi who were responsible for his love's demise.

Jarrel and the new sith rebuilds the sith academy from the ruins and began to train them. For 3 years Jarrel has remained on Korriban with his scarred face leading the Sith into a new era of power.

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Darth Venture Zerocine


Darth Venture Dls_ic10Darth Venture - Dark Lord of the Sith - Leader of the Brotherhood of Sith Bio Here

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This was a good collaboration between zerocine and i, it coul have been better but then it would be even longer. I know how someo f us don't like to read or write bios

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