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PostSubject: GBN: BREAKING NEWS, ALL CHANNELS   05/02/11, 11:14 pm

Before I begin i would like to notify all Jedi stationed in outer rim worlds to please evacuate to a secure location somewhere in the inner rim or core worlds. This is a statement i am relaying directly from the Jedi Overseer of Coruscant.

I am sorry about this but we come to you LIVE from the senate building on Coruscant, where Emperor Ares Fen' Tar has announced his take over of Bespin and that while he was claiming this planet peacefully asking for negotiations from its leader the jedi from the nearby temple attacked and forced his army into battle.

There were minimal casualties for the Empire but most of the jedi were killed including the Jedi Overseer. Right now Fen' Tar is asking the republic for their terms of surrender, but everyone in the building is booing him, it's very loud.

The floor is opening up underneath him and a couple imperial soldiers alongwith a hooded man, probably a reborn, are jumping out of it and standing around the emperor's seat. This doesn't look good. Wait...the emperor is saying something.

Emperor: Far too long has this two faced religion of the force taken hold of our galaxy and trained our children and siblings to fight in wars unnecessarily.

My time on Bespin taught me that the jedi and sith are just two names for one thing. They must fall along with the republic who supports their religious endeavors and false witness of peace.

There is no such thing a peace, there never has been. The only thing that exists has been intermission between conflict after conflict for over 2 millenia. It ends now! True judgment shall be passed on those who refuse to follow me in this crusade for justice.

You and your Republic have 1 year to decide which side you will take. After a years time i shall continue to prove that you are not gods and can not moderate everything. I am the rightful king for this galaxy, not you and your helpless politics!

The emperor has threatened the entire galaxy. Will the Republic finally declare war on this bringer of chaos? The senate just announced after the emperor's speach that they are going to have a unrecorded meeting about what they plan on doing next. I am L3-E7 and this has been breaking news brought to you by the Galactic Broadcast Network.
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