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 Forcemod III In-Game Force Point System

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PostSubject: Forcemod III In-Game Force Point System   Forcemod III In-Game Force Point System Icon_minitime11/01/11, 11:06 am

Forcemod III In-Game Force Point System

Force chart
Forcemod III In-Game Force Point System Defaul11
This system uses an XP styled theme and will create an environment where even if a character is a jedi overseer or dark lord they don't have 4 everything.Skills and powers can not bypass rank 3 until Master rank is acheived.

Each Force Power or skill has a cost. the points you are alotted go towards "levelling" up those skills or powers. For example: Heal costs 2 points and attack costs 5. Do you get it now?

Force Sensitive
Being Force Sensitive allows you to allocate a total of 7 points to any skills or powers.

A force sensitive is not required to join a force sensitive faction to gain points, although it helps. If a character decides to remain force sensitive and not join a faction they may be granted points by completing quests.

The amount of points received will be decided by an admin. starting out as a force sensitive not only gives you the option to thoroughly enjoy your role-play time but also gives you an advantage against those who start as a jedi knight or a jedi master as they only recieve force sensitive and a default value.

Jedi Initiate/Sith Initiate/Dark Jedi Initiate
A Rank achieved by joining a force sensitive faction. The character receives no points for joining a force sensitive faction unless a quest was completed in order to join.

Now that the character has joined a force sensitive faction they can do quests for their faction and will receive more points per quest than if they remained unallied. Again the amount will be decided by an admin.

Jedi Padawan/Sith Apprentice/Dark Jedi Apprentice
Upon achieving this rank your character receives an additional 10 points to skills or powers of choice. Left over points will be omitted.

This is a co-op rank. In order for the character to gain points they must complete mission with their teacher/master. Both Teacher/Mater and student will receive points. In the case that

Jedi Knight/Sith Knight/Dark Jedi Adept
Upon acheiving this rank the character receives an additional 12 points to skills or powers of choice.

If your character enters the roleplay as a jedi knight (or other mentioned title in the category), they only receive 20 points to add to skills and powers from default force sensitive

The Quest system applies once more, co-op is now optional. The points received by quests are now greater than those of earlier ranks.The quests will be much harder, and more time consuming as well, as you are now expected to do more.

Jedi Master+/Sith Lord/Dark Jedi Master
Upon acheiving the rank of master you receives an additional 15 points to place anywhere and are now allowed to work toward completing your chart as rank 4 skills and powers are now available to you.

As with Jedi Knight, if your character enters the roleplay as a Jedi Master (or other mentioned title in the category) they only receive 30 points from default force sensitive


Quests and Events
As you notice quests are a valuable way to gain points to increase the rank of your skils and powers. Events will provide with skill or power rank ups to those who earned it.

The points given by Quests vary from 1-10 depending on the difficulty which is determined by an admin. Quests include NPC interactions that involve a combat scenario, Teacher & Student training, dueling enemy characters, etc...In some cases it is a mixture of two or more themes.

The admins will be performing constant updates and keep track of all points given out.

*NOTE* You CAN die or receive injury from quests or events so when taking one on make sure you are prepared.

Keep it golden!
- Szera and Ares

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The Ghost of Billy Mays
The Ghost of Billy Mays

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PostSubject: Re: Forcemod III In-Game Force Point System   Forcemod III In-Game Force Point System Icon_minitime27/02/11, 03:55 pm

Hopefully you guys understand the system a little better now.

Forcemod III In-Game Force Point System Billym12

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Forcemod III In-Game Force Point System
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