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 Galactic Broadvcast Network All Channels: Current Events

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PostSubject: Galactic Broadvcast Network All Channels: Current Events   Galactic Broadvcast Network All Channels: Current Events Icon_minitime02/04/11, 12:06 pm

Greetings, civilians. It is I, your Emperor. Many things have happened over the past few years and i am here to explain them. Here to help me is a protocol droid created to provide any and all knowledge of the known galaxy.

L3-E7: Thank you, my lord. I am here to recap on events over the past 2 years. I will start with the Republic's first attack on our glorious new empire.

The Galactic Alliance officially declared war against our Emperor, Ares Fen' Tar, 2 years ago when they decided to reclaim the mid rim planet of Kashyyyk. They were quickly defeated when the Emperor's most powerful assassin , Neos, entered the battlefield and began killing the jedi soldiers.

the Jedi retreated when their former Overseer, Jacen Kavar, was wounded. after the jedi left the battlefield, the Empire's reborn army quickly overcame the Republic Soldiers. Thousands were killed or injured in the battle.

A year of stressful times followed this battle. The galaxy in chaos from the Republic's defeat. The humiliation forced them onto the defesnive. Before the Republics decision to reclaim Kashyyyk , the Empire gave the Republic a year to surrender, there year was up.

the Empire swiftly forced the entire mid-rim into surrender. The Emperor immediately went straight for Coruscant where he fought his way through hundreds of jedi knights with a strange weapon made from ancient technology. His goal was the last living Jedi Overseer, Galon Forrestry also known as The Immortal One.

During the fight it was revealed that they were half-siblings with the same father. Galon was the older sibling by 9 years. The confrontation lasted more than an hour of constanst force struggles. The Jedi Temple itself was crashing down around them.

In the end, the Emperor stabbed his brother in the chest with his "hybrid" weapon. The jedi were deeply wounded from this assault. The Emperor's iron fist went in and cleaned out the "leftovers."

The remaining jedi attempted to go into hiding like they always do but the emperor contacted the new overseer and a treaty was made. The jedi were allowed to exist under the terms that they never rebel or disobey orders.

The Republic quickly surrendered afterwards during an attempt to destroy the empire's base on Hoth. They were quickly defeated by Neos' elite warriors and some powerful experiments created by the Emperor.


Galactic Broadvcast Network All Channels: Current Events Billym12

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Galactic Broadvcast Network All Channels: Current Events
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