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The Nexus Wars are over but the real fight has just begun.
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 Nexus Era: Radiant Dawn

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PostSubject: Nexus Era: Radiant Dawn   Nexus Era: Radiant Dawn Icon_minitime06/10/12, 03:09 am

Ares Fen' Tar has been killed by the combined efforts of Darth Venture and The Immortal One. Using the power of the weapon known as “Hybrid” they were able to absorb and destroy his existence during what is now called The Final Battle of Coruscant. The cost of this victory was great. Casualties on all sides left the galaxy and the force in imbalance.

Some time has passed since that fateful battle. Jarrel Kolzar,Darth Venture, has cast away his dark ways and replaced The Immortal One as Jedi Overseer of Coruscant and has begun efforts in restoring the jedi order while Ora Cass is rebuilding the Republic and returning democracy to the known galaxy.

With the dark side of the force all but a remnant, reconstruction has begun. Jarrel has rebuilt and reopened the academy on Yavin IV as a safe haven for students willing to learn the ways of the jedi. Peace has returned, but for how long? .

A lot of work is ahead for the future jedi as they clean up the mess left behind by The Nexus Wars.
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Nexus Era: Radiant Dawn
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