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 Character Death Guide

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PostSubject: Character Death Guide   Character Death Guide Icon_minitime05/12/10, 06:55 pm

Killing/Incapacitating: In order to incapacitate (KO), or disfigure your opponent in any way, they must be Killed ingame 3 times. After the 3rd kill the outcome of the battle is in the hands of the winner. If the decision is to murder the loser then a 4th kill must be achieved.
Killing is entirely optional

1 Death: The character may realistically flee from battle if in neutral or ally territory. On the first death a character has officially entered an RP battle scenario. First kill actions are warning shots, threats, or cornering the opposition to force their initiation to fight.

2 Deaths: The character receives a minor injury from his/her opponent and loses the option of fleeing if not in neutral or allied territory. Minor injuries include: cuts, sprains, light lacerations, or mild blunt trauma. Any questions consult an admin.

3 Deaths: The character is now incapacitated, unable to fight or flee. Upon the 3rd death, the character may be scarred, tortured, or injured severely. The only exceptions are fatal wounds, do not perform an action that could kill the character unless it can be treated right there to prevent it. In the event of torture, consult an admin.

4 Death: Death. The 4th kill symbolizes the final attack to the character. There is no fighting.

Special Circumstances: The death rule applies to all forms of combat, even 2 on 1 or 2 on 2. In the scenario of a 2 on 1 or 2 on 2 etc, if 1 ally is unable to realistically flee from battle, the other ally may flee and take him/her with them. escapes are not a guaranteed way of surviving, the enemy can still re initiate the fight by chasing after you, especially if you are in their territory.

Another special circumstance is battling with NPC's. If a character fights an NPC the same death rules apply except the NPC only needs to die once. Throughout the RP NPC scenarios can possibly include: Warzones, Random Civilian interactions, Droid Companions, Droid Assaults, etc..

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The Ghost of Billy Mays
The Ghost of Billy Mays

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Character Death Guide Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Death Guide   Character Death Guide Icon_minitime12/02/11, 09:10 am

UPDATED. <3 love me some cyan

Character Death Guide Billym12

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Character Death Guide
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