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 Galactic Broadcast Network Channel 342: More Jedi? More Problems?

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Galactic Broadcast Network Channel 342: More Jedi? More Problems? Empty
PostSubject: Galactic Broadcast Network Channel 342: More Jedi? More Problems?   Galactic Broadcast Network Channel 342: More Jedi? More Problems? Icon_minitime04/02/11, 08:52 pm

Greetings once again. I am L3-E7 Master of historical records, data organization, and data collection. Unfortunately i am still not built yet but soon enough my master will decide, after all here i am telling you all the news of current events in the Nexus Era.

All over the galaxy it seems there is an uprise in the number of jedi in the order, could this be a plot by the jedi to attain more military strength? or are they just recruiting anyone these days? I thought about recording a statement but when i went to coruscant, the jedi were all going about their business. Rumors say they are preparing an army to take out the empire, going against their belief of war and going against the Federal Republic itself by declaring war without their consent.

The empire seems to be in almost completely in control of the outer rim. The only remaining planets that do not appear to be under imperial influence seems to be Bespin, Tatooine, and Alzoc III. While Imperial scouts watch these planets by visiting them, the empire has not yet taken action. It is believed that the empire has halted their efforts for now but when will they strike again and where?

This year has been tense for the whole galaxy. The empire has gained tremendous political control using their propaganda in the core worlds, still causing riots and protests. Unfortunately there have been casualties now after a group of gamorreans began to attack people who believes the republic is doing the right thing. I recorded a statement from the gamorrean and translated it for you all into basic:

Gered: oh uhh yeah! Damn those rep(ublic) support people! Has you even visited the outer rim lately? There are some nice imperials out there making sure the peoples are safe and stuff. Why just last week i visited Taris and the rodian gang that was bother my brothers and i are gone! The empire is helping us!

That is all for this installment of the Galactic Broadcast Network on Channel 342. Have a nice day.
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Galactic Broadcast Network Channel 342: More Jedi? More Problems?
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